“If we come back in 20 years, we want to find that the Armada has maintained the same atmosphere and magic we experienced at our wedding, and we want to celebrate our anniversary with the same newness and excitement from that day,” say our guests who joined their lives at the Armada.

Armada weddings turn into lasting memories that will always recall with a smile. From the magnificent reception accompanied by Roma musicians, to our henna night; from our Ahırkapı fruit juice vendors to our pickled vegetable vendors; from our mobile food-vending carts to the vintage Mercedes bus available for your guests; from our vintage red Ford convertible that will bring you to the hotel from your doorstep to your personally monogrammed wedding pillow, Armada Istanbul Weddings, where you will find every detail of Istanbul life all in one place, will be an unforgettable experience and a symbol of lasting happiness.

Here are some of Armada’s traditions that we are offering exclusively to you:

Let’s go fetch the bride!

“Pick up the bride in a classic car from the 50’s and 60’s…
“0321 H Mercedes Benz – Pick up the bride’s family in Istanbul’s oldest restored vintage bus…
“Pick up the bride as she arrives from the sea by boat…

Let’s go greet the bride!

Greet the bride and her family at the Ahırkapı Pier or at the hotel entrance on the Arnavut Walkway, accompanied by local Roma musicians for a “Roman”tic encounter!

Our Symbolic Wish-Tree: “Nahıl”

Armada Hotel continues the same practice of revitalizing and rejuvenating the Istanbul lifestyle that it started when it opened in 1994. One example of this is the Nahıl (wish tree ) tradition that it has brought back into contemporary Istanbul life.

The Sürnâme, which belong to divan literature, describe the gifts, feasts, tents, public entertainment and the ornate wish trees that were seen at the weddings of the sultans and palace residents. The wish tree appeared in celebrations as early as the 15th century and later appeared in palace weddings with candles attached. In rural Anatolian culture, it was adorned with cloth and paper, and lit on fire after being displayed.

Armada first brought in wish trees to symbolize nature and trees when the ÇEKÜL Foundation in Turkey was organizing activities in İstanbul and Mudanya. In later years, again through Armada’s leadership, wish trees became a crucial element of the Hıdrellez celebration in Ahırkapı. Armada wish trees have re-emerged as the symbolic wish tree of the people.

Since the first two wish trees in April 2002 and in addition to their use on Hıdrellez, they continue to bring positive feelings and serve as the symbol of our collaborative efforts. The tradition that we brought back into our lives years ago lives on in the Armada weddings. We have become the interpreters of the wishes of our married couples and their guests.

Bridal Hamam...

At your request, the bride can refresh and re-energize herself with a pre- or post-nuptial visit to the Cemberlitaş Hamam, which is within walking distance of the hotel. This service can be added to your wedding package.

Armada İstanbul Weddings: “İstanbul Romance” Film and Photo Shoot:

Rather than the outdated practice of going to a photographer to get pictures taken before the wedding, our wedding couples are having their love for İstanbul captured in photographs at and around the Armada Hotel. Couples who want to have photographs taken at the city’s historic landmarks and scenic vistas, as is the tradition in many European countries for pre-wedding photos, have easy access to this option, whether it is against the backdrop of the historic peninsula on the Armada Terrace, or with the city’s historic landmarks as a backdrop on Ahırkapı Street. The view from the Terrace along with Armada’s interior décor; unforgettable backdrops of outdoor shoots; Arnavut Walkway, the Ahırkapı Pier, historic Ahırkapı streets, the bride and groom in a 1960’s red convertible and other such classic images from Armada Hotel can be captured on your wedding day by our chosen photography artist, or your invited photographer for you to put into you album of İstanbul Romance.

Organization Services:

The Armada Organization Team coordinates table arrangements, flowers, photo shoots, music, and will cater to all of your event-related needs.